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Should You Watch Game of Thrones? | DragonFeed


So I have recently been asked by many people since the release of season six if they should be watching Game of Thrones. For those of you that don’t know I am an absolutely massive Game of Thrones fan.

I find it hard to think that there are people still out there that haven’t watched GoT. My answer to everyone that asks me is always YES. My reasons are:

  • It is educational – Besides the fact that you can actually get a viable qualification in Game of Thrones studies in some university in America. It think its in Virginia. You also can actually get some ‘loose’ historical knowledge from the show. Some of the events in GoT are actually based of real life scenarios. In an interview with the writer, George RR Martin, he confirmed that the books were inspired by the British ‘War of the Roses. Is it really a coincidence that Lannister and Lancaster sound similar? What about Stark and York? There was a young king on the throne in them times as well! I am not sure if it is confirmed but the famous ‘Red Wedding’ episode is very much alike the ‘Black Dinner’ from Scottish history in 1440.
  • It is absolutely awesome! – This may seem obvious due to the 9.5 rating on IMDB but some people just think it is a ‘poor mans’ Lord of the Rings. I am a big fan of LOTR but I do think GoT is better due to the dark and grittiness of it.  Also, in GoT, a lot of things that happen are very unexpected which makes the show so much more exciting than any other on television.
  • Complete Escapism – When I read the books and watch the show it takes me into Westeros. I get lost in the world, the books are written so well and the TV show is incredibly well made.


So to conclude, I am being very bias here but I would say you SHOULD watch Game of Thrones. You will be amazed by how good it is.


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