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How Twitter Reacted to “Outcast” Episode 1 | DragonFeed

So I know the series premiered some time back now but I still wanted to create this because I personally thought the series pilot was absolutely fantastic. I was lucky enough to watch the series online when it premiered on Facebook. It will be available to everyone else on June 3rd and/or June 5th, i’m not 100% sure how it works.

Anyway, please follow my blog and comment what you think of the opening episode if you have seen it, as I said, I thought it was really good. I have heard some people compare it to another series called Preacher which is meant to be very good also, I may watch that next.


After the episode aired, I took to Twitter and found a few Tweets of peoples thoughts on the episode. I have created a slideshow of them below. Remember to follow Dragonfeed on Twitter here as I re-tweet all of the best reaction Tweets for you.



How much did you like Outcast?

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