The 5 Must-Watch Shows of 2016 So Far.

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So we are now half way through the year, and already there have been so many great TV picks for this year. Below are our recommendations you should be watching now.

Many of these started before 2016 but are sill in seasons this year.

1. Billions


A VERY fun TV show definitely worth watching.  The characters are likable. A  very strong season one with an epic season finale “The Conversation”. which is the strongest episode by far. Billions is just one of those you just have to watch and you will most probably be hooked from the first episode.


2. Better Call Saul

The famous Breaking Bad spin off. I love Better Call Saul due to it’s mix of serious and fun scenes. I actually wasn’t sure about this after the many failed spin-offs but it is actually really good. Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy) is such a great actor. If you love Breaking Bad (Who doesn’t) you need to watch this.

Better Call Saul

3. Game Of Thrones

If you read this blog regularly, you would know this would be in the list before you even clicked on this post. Who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones these days. You really need to, it’s my favorite TV series ever. Simply incredible, from the storytelling to the acting and scenery.

Game of Thrones

4. Line of Duty

If you like intense, this British police series is for you. The new series is the third. Personally, I cannot write too much on this as I have only seen the first series but I have heard it is really good.

Line of Duty

5.  Outcast

This series has literally just started so is still in it’s first season. I have to say, it looks incredibly promising for the future. It is based on the comics by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead. This series goes in a different direction. Demons are the new zombies.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

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