Skyrim the Movie? -Which Story-lines Would You Include?

Imagine Skyrim was being made into a movie, which story-lines would you include?

Just to clarify, Skyrim the movie is not happening. I am writing this purely because I love the game (Which has now been remastered, and looks amazing) and watching the “Skyrim Live Action Trailer” again got me thinking. Some people say it wouldn’t work as everyone creates their own story, I don’t strongly disagree, but I think a film could follow a main quest’s story.


Below you can watch a live action trailer which was released in October of 2011 for the initial launch of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



Here is my list of the main quests I would like to see if the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was made into a movie. My list ranges from 5 (Least favorite idea) to 1 (Most favorite idea). I have decided not to write too much about each in my list, as about 99% of you have already played the game and know what they are all abut.

(Not including the DLC’s)

 5. The Companions

Jorrvaskr – The Companions

There are only a few reasons I think the companions would be a good idea. Firstly, I think in a movie, they would have enough time to talk quite in depth about the history of the Companions, as I know that they do have a large and diverse history. Secondly, many of the quests in the game are enjoyable and I think the whole werewolf  story would make a good film.


4. The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild (Cistern)

In Skyrim, the Thieves Guild is one of several join-able factions. You are able to join within the Ratway in Riften. This is at number four for me because although the main quests aren’t the best game-wise, I think all the fundamentals are there and  as a movie it could be really good, possibly better than the Companions, I am kind of 50/50 on the two.

3. The Main Quest – The Civil War of Skyrim

The Civil War of Skyrim

Movie-wise this could be number one easily. But judging purely an the game I have to put this at number three. If a movie if this is anything like it is in the game, it would be terrible and boring. If a film took it’s own twist it has the potential to be fantastic.

2. The Dragonborn Path

The Dragonborn Path

By this I mean from the first time you kill a dragon and visit the Greybeards to when you recover the Elder Scroll and kill the great dragon Alduin. This would be action-packed and entertaining. They could even make a movie of this watchable even if you know nothing about the Elder Scrolls. The opening scene in Helgen could definitely be part of this as well.

1. The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is by far the most fun and entertaining story in Skyrim (In my opinion). I can imagine if this was part of a Skyrim film it would have sort of a Game of Thrones vibe to it. Imagine the protagonist hearing only romours in the beginning of the movie. He travels most of Skyrim, with an awesome horse named Shadowmere and ends up killing the Emperor. They could add so much more to this story as well, even a background to the Dark Brotherhood. That would be incredible, like it is in the game.

Alternatively, Bethesda could make a TV Series covering all of these stories. Like this post if you agree.


Comment below what quests, if any, you would transform into a movie. There are hundreds of other stories! Remember, this isn’t even a rumor, a Skyrim movie is not happening, I am only writing this as a fan of the game.

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