Ultimate Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz (With Answers)

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*Contains Spoilers


Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz on DragonFeed.

This quiz will consist of 2x multiple choice questions and the rest will not have multiple choices.


The answers for the multiple choice will show when you select an answer. The answers for the others will be at the bottom of this post.


1. Which of these is not a public inn?
The Green Dragon
The Prancing Pony
The Southern Star
The Old Guesthouse
2. What do the Elves call the Hobbits?
 The Periannath
Trick Question – They call them the Hobbits
 The Onodrim
 The Urulóki


Question 3. What do the elves call Gandalf?



Question 4.  Who are Butterbur’s two workers?



Question 5.  Who was Shelob’s mother?



Question 6. The Lord of the Nazgul dwells in which city?


Question 7. On what day of the year was the Ring destroyed?


Question 8. How did Gandalf escape from Orthanc?


Question 9. Who is older, Elrond or Treebeard?



Question 10. How many wizards are there?




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[Answers!: Q3=Mithrandir, Q4=Nob and Bob, Q5=Ungoliant, Q6=Minas Morgul, Q7=March 25th, Q8=He was rescued by Gwahir the eagle, Q9=Treebeard, Q10=5]

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Sorry if you don’t like the new format of quizzes. I wanted to make it tougher for you as people were always getting high scores. I will do a 50/50 split on the questions next time.

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