Top 10 Must-Watch Movies for a Rainy Day (2016)

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Even though summer is here and everyone leaves school soon. You will have lots of free time and, if you live in England like me you will know that we average about five hot days a year. For the other days when it’s boring and rains, I have made a list of possible movies you can watch.  This post is short and is only a list with no descriptions.

This list has a large variety of films so there is one for everyone!

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (If you somehow haven’t seen it already!)



2. The Lord of the Rings: he Return of the King (Because why not!)


3. The Inbetweeners Movie 1 (Funniest comedy ever)


4. The Shawshank Redemption (Best film ever?)


5. Saving Private Ryan


6. War Horse (Incredible!)


7. War of the Worlds (Underrated)


8. The Godfather


9. The Simpsons Movie (Fun)


10. Forrest Gump (Simply Amazing!)


Thank you for reading this top 10 list. I hope you get some enjoyment out of watching these movies.

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