8 Great Movie Mistakes You won’t Believe You Missed! | DragonFeed

Disclaimer: You may have spotted some of these mistakes when watching these movies, if so, congratulations on your observational skills. 

Some of these will be a GIF so you can see them in action.

Welcome to DragonFeed’s list of the 8 funniest, greatest, worst and most stupid movie mistakes off all time.


Something I find really funny is that most of these movies will go down as he best ever but they can’t even fix these silly mistakes.


1. Home Alone – Sledge magically goes through the door.


Last time I heart it was incredibly hard to move side-by-side in a sledge. Missing the door would have changed the story completely!

2. Star Wars – Stormtrooper hits head on door.


This is actually the only mistake in this list which I spotted without the internet telling me. If wasn’t the first time I watched it though.

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3. Pirates of the Caribbean- Random Cowboy in background.


To spot this one you just need to look in the background behind Jack Sparrow’s head.

4. Pulp Fiction- Bullet holes in wall before shots fired.


Just to clarify, I took this image from because it’s the best image I found. I reckon the directors were high when they filmed this.

5. Gladiator – Gas tank


I’m pretty sure that they didn’t have Gas Tanks in them days. How did a producer think they would get away with this!

6. North by Northwest – Boy who covers his ears before gun is shot.


He had one job!

7. The Dark Knight Rises – And the award for the worst extra ever goes to…


Look at the extra in the background, he falls down without even being hit.

8. Pretty Woman – Terrible Continuity


Take a look at what she is eating, you will understand then.

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