Game of Thrones S6Ep9 “Battle of the Bastards” Review

I only have one word – Boom!

Review by Robert Voss


This episode was absolutely incredible! Honestly I never believed that Game of Thrones could improve on the “Hardhome” episode but boy was I wrong.

The acting was of the highest level, which we have all come to expect from Game of Thrones. That director must be among the best directors ever.

My favorite thing about this episode was that it had a complete mixture of emotions and it kept my heart pounding from the very beginning with Daenerys.

The famous/infamous ‘Shock’ value of the show was continued with the death of Rickon in the hands of the evil Ramsay Bolton. This meant the battle was partly over before it had even began, leading to the rest of the episode being fought on pure emotion.

Kit Harrington deserves every acting award on the planet for his performance, purely incredible. Iwan Rheon was extremely good also. But honestly, I find it hard to pick individual names, they were all awesome.

Even though there was much less dialogue, when it was used it was written brilliantly, especially in the final scene with Sansa.

This episode was that good I think we can all forgive the ‘Rubber Sword’ mistake, there was sure to be at least one mistake due to the complexity of that episode.

There is really not much more to say, maybe that is’s the best Game of Thrones episode ever and possibly the best battle television has ever seen. I have already watched this a second time.

DragonFeed Rating 9.9/10

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