Outcast TV Series Review “Demons are the new Zombies!” – So far (Spoiler Free)

Written by Robert Voss

So the Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has had his hit comic “Outcast”made into a TV series of the same name. Given at the time of writing we are only four episodes in I want to write a review of what I have seen so far.

Firstly, to get started, I want to say I do really like this series. Comic readers have said it has stayed very loyal to the comic book series so far which is always a good sign. The actors are great, especially Philip Glenister (The Reverend), who was fantastic in “Life on Mars”.

Obviously, I have nowhere near the expectations for this as I do for “The Walking Dead” and they shouldn’t be compared anyway, they’re completely different. One show I think Outcast is very familiar to is “Supernatural”, which is an awesome show, but did lack in episodes, clearly, there were over 250 of them.

The pros of Outcast are that in scenes it can actually be scary unlike others in it’s genre. The story seems fairly strong as well, not Game of Thrones style strong but it does have lots of potential for it’s future in the film industry. It’s also good to see a Robert Kirkman story put onto television that’s not The Walking Dead, for a writer of his talent it’s good to see he is not being carried by one show. He is managing to turn people away from zombies (TWD, FTWD) to paranormal scenarios with demons, which is very good to see.  Preacher is doing a good job as well. Demons are becoming the new zombies, as they should, we need a change. Furthermore I would like to mention the quality of production, the special effects are flawless and the use of music in both dramatic and non-dramatic scenes is seamless and works perfectly, not too overwhelming like what you would find in similar shows.

Now time for some cons. As opposed to other huge series out there at the moment (You know the ones), I personally don’t think the characters are too likable, maybe with the exception of Philip Glenister no-one really made the show fully gripping from the first episode. Don’t get me wrong Patrick Fugit is a fantastic actor but, for me in these first four episodes his character (Kyle Barnes) hasn’t stood out to be a natural ‘Main Character’ and I really don’t know why, it’s weird.

Overall, Outcast is a show of the highest quality but it does slightly lack in places. It is scary and more than worth a watch is you like Robert Kirkman’s works.Don’t expect Paranormal Activity style horror though.

DragonFeed Rating – 8/10

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