2016 TV Series Cleverman Review “The End of the World” – Spoiler Free

A new series 2016 “Cleverman” Review.

If you have already seen the trailer you may have noticed Iain Glen or “Jurah Mormont” from Game of Thrones in it. I have already wrote a post about this here:

VIDEO: Watch Game of Thrones Star Iain Glen in the all-new TV series “Cleverman”

Watch the trailer below if you want:


Today I am writing a review for this series. Only a short one today.

Firstly, I have to say that I am slightly disappointed with this series, the whole thing seems cheap and quite poorly written – so far.  However the acting is very good makes up a lot for this show. But in this day and age the weight of expectation for actors is extremely high.

What I mean by poorly written is that the plot is unoriginal and cliché but that’s no different to thousands of other shows.  The characters are not immensely likable but watchable.

Apart from all of them cons there are good aspects from this show. It is very entertaining, without a doubt. The story-line, although it may not be great at the moment, it does have potential and it is promising for the future.  I cannot see this show as a major go-to show for everyone nor can I see it surpassing a third season at most.

Overall, a show with good potential, loads of cliche’s and loads of action. If there is nothing else to watch I would recommend that you watch this.

DragonFeed Rating – 6/10 

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