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Preacher “Sundowner” S1Ep6 Review

Review written by Robert Voss

Hey everyone just a quick review of the latest episode of Preacher.

So the latest installment of the new awesome AMC show Preacher released yesterday (o4/07/16) and it was absolutely awesome, definitely the best episode yet.Some people think the show had slowed down after the pilot which I can ‘sort of’ agree with.  In my opinion, everything about this episode was perfect, from the incredible storytelling to the great acting, this had it all.

Firstly I want to mention that, not just in this episode, but in the series as a whole, the fluidity and acceleration of the plot is seamless and any aspiring screenwriters should be made to watch these opening episodes of Preacher as a requirement.

Secondly, Anatol Yusef and Dominic Cooper work so well together. The way these two acted was just incredible and fantastic to see.

The fight scene was utterly amazing, the cinematography was great, the fight choreography was good. The only negative was a lack of diversity in the scene, there wasn’t really much to it.  Another negative about this episode is that it all seemed to go flat after the opening, I don’t know if anyone else noticed that.

I feel like in this episode we are getting actual answers and pieces of the puzzle are all forming together to give the bigger picture.  The plot thickens!

DragonFeed episode Rating – 9.3/10 

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