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Review by Robert Voss 

Spoiler Free

A review of the new 2016 movie Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is set in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. A father (Viggo Mortensen) is devoted to raising his six children in a physical and intellectual way. He is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, where he finds challenges and learns the true meaning of being a parent.

To start, I want to say I did really like this film, I was completely captivated by the quality of storytelling and the value of production. Not to mention the really funny scenes. I was extremely excited for this film straight from the day the trailer released. The acting was top-notch especially Viggo Mortensen (Ben) who performed great in his role, you could really feel the emotion and his passion.

The cinematography was great. I really have no problems with the way the film was produced. I found the story different, intriguing and captivating. However, although the storytelling was very good, it did lack at times and some scenes seemed rather flat and dragged. The use of music was good and never overwhelming (which is a massive hate of mine in films).

There were a couple of cliche’s but they are hard to escape in a film like this. Furthermore, something I really liked about this was the use of developing the characters and how they changed once moving from their ‘Paradise’ to the ‘Real world’.

Overall, a very cheesy american classic. But it was very good and I really enjoyed it. A  fantastic summer movie for the family. Entertaining and immensely funny (in places) with plenty of emotion.

DragonFeed Rating – 8/10

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