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How to lose a stone on your Mobile Phone! [Infographic]

Last week Pokémon Go overtook Facebook in terms of usage proving it might just be the most popular android game of all time!

Everyone is talking about Pokémon Go, there is no escaping its powers. It has been reported that the release of the game was tweeted over 15 million times, that’s 3 million more mentions then Brexit which impacted the UK’s future economy.

 However, with the new active mobile game the government are set to benefit. How? In lowering the obesity rate of course!

Discount Supplements conducted in depth research into the game and found that just 2 hours of catching Jigglypuffs can work off a whole McDonalds cheese burger! When compared to the calories burnt when playing Candy Crush (just 23kcal in 2 hours) it is pretty impressive.

It begs the question ‘is the new mobile game a totalitarian production to get the nation to lose weight?’ 


We have made a infographic with everything you need to know about the new game and its benefits on your health including comment form Nutritionist Zoe Martin and featuring a real life Pokémon Go addict. Here is a sneak peek:


(Sorry image is small, zoom in)

Pokemon Go infographic

This infographic was made by  – http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/



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