Star Wars: Rogue One – Lucasfilm Reveals A New Droid

A New Droid!

Star Wars producers Lucasfilm has unveiled it’s new droid for its upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

The new droid that will be in the new film is an Imperial Astromech droid named C2-B5. So far we have been given very minimal details about the droid, aside from the images. We know that, like all Imperial droids, it is frequent to memory wipes. In contrast to other fan favorites R2D2 and BB8, whose memories span large periods of time, our new droid probably won’t know much of what has gone on in the recent past.

Rogue One releases December 16th this year (2016) in cinemas. Are you going to watch it? Comment below!

ar Wars new droid rogue one lucasfilm c2b5
C2-B5 New Star Wars: Rogue One Droid

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Don’t already know about Rogue One? Watch the trailer below!


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