OFFICIAL: ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 WILL Premier On New Years Day 2017 after BBC shock fans following the ‘Bake Off Final’

Season 4 of BBC‘s top TV series “Sherlock” will officially premiere on Jan. 1 2017. Benedict Cumberbatch’s high-functioning sociopath, aided by the ever-faithful Dr. Watson, will face the potential return of his arch nemesis Moriarty in the first episode, “The Six Thatchers.”

Viewers had barely recovered from the Great British Bake Off final when the BBC stunned fans by announcing a date for the new highly anticipated season 4 of Sherlock.

An advert featuring a violin with the numbers 01.01.17 and the word Sherlock appeared just seconds after Mary Berry announced Candice Brown as Bake Off winner.


The big announcement sent Twitter into a meltdown following the teaser and Benedict Cumberbatch’s character’s was even trending almost immediately UK-wide.

Unfortunetly, we do not hold the rights to show you the actual teaser which happened after ‘bake off’ but you can watch one of the other teasers below(It’s more worth watching anyway)!

In case you missed it – Watch the teaser trailer for Sherlock season 4! (Not the one shown after Bake Off)



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