WATCH: Lego ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 – Glenn And Abraham Death From Negan Scene

It’s still so sad, even when it’s recreated using a children’s toy, Lego.

The Walking Dead’s season seven premiere was unbelievably brutal: so much so that some viewers and critics have declared they will no longer watch  AMC’s most popular show, which was recently booked in for a season eight.

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The episodes most shocking moment was when Glenn was killed by Negan using his weapon, Lucille, which is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. A fact for fans of the show, Lucille was named after Negan’s wife, who passed away earlier in the apokalypse from cancer. 

A YouTuber called Kristo499 took it upon him/herself to recreate the brutal, shocking scene using nothing but Lego, and it’s still (almost) just as sad.


Watch the video below!



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