Are You Clever Enough To Take ‘Game Of Thrones Studies’ At University?

It’s no new news that you can study a ‘Game Of Thrones’ course in various university’s across America, but do you have what it takes to explore the deepest, darkest secrets of the Seven Kingdoms?

As a student, you will learn in depth about what made George RR Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice and Fire’ novels so popular, the skill of world building, historical roots of fantasy with a contemporary twist of audience engagement and the  balance between literary representation and televisual representation.

Yep, this course goes deep, you don’t just have to know what a Stark is i’m afraid!

Why don’t you read the full core syllabus:

A regent explains the governing ethos of the hit TV series Game of Thrones this way: “you win or you die.” The novels and television series, however, is invested in more than these grim absolutes. George R. R. Martin has been described as an American Tolkien. Martin’s fiction certainly shares the epic sensibility, broad landscapes, regional and geographic particularities, and richly varied social contracts as seen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In many ways, however, Martin’s five book series A Song of Ice and Fire is far more than America’s answer to Tolkien’s work. His work has transcended the boundaries of traditional sword and sorcery fantasy to appeal to a far broader, yet similarly devoted, audience. This class will use the work of Martin (one novel and many episodes of the HBO series) to explore the notions of literary and visual representation (How does a character in the text come to life on screen?), racialism (Is Martin’s view of race and region indebted to Tolkien’s or does it exceed it?), fan fiction (Why were so many viewers outraged by The Red Wedding? Why does the series prompt such loyalty?), and gendered dimensions of power (How do women in the series exert control over their own lives and the lives of others?). This course will carefully assess one of Martin’s written works, while paying close attention to the strategies HBO uses to bring it to a mass audience. We will consider a range of aspects of the text and television series including characterization, geography, racial and cultural allegory, resistant conclusions, promiscuous identification and other concepts.


Read the core question below! If you answer all of them right that what are you waiting for… Apply Now!

How does Martin’s work build upon previous epic fictions?

How does it generate audience loyalty?

In what ways does Martin’s mythology inspire deep and careful reading?

How has the HBO representation engaged that process in its interpretations?


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