WATCH: Netflix’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Prequel – Fan Theory Video

Today, Netflix answered a long-running fan question from viewers of Both Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead – Is ‘Breaking Bad’ a prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’?

The video, released by the ‘Netflix US and Canada‘ YouTube channel is a fun animated short which answers and explains the legitimacy behind each theory, some of which are very believable.There are four theories in total, all of which are covered in this video, the theories are: The Blue Meth, the Dodge (car), Bitch connection and Gus Fring.

Which theories do you think are the most believable? Leave a comment below with your views!

Even if these theories are false,  they still are VERY entertaining to read and some of them make so much sense!

Watch the Netflix video below



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