Vikings: Will Ragnar Lothbrok die? Watch The Official Sneak Peak Here!

The latest Vikings sneak peak gave us an insight into a major event which could take place within the next 10 episodes of season 4B of the huge History show.

*If you do not want to watch or read about the sneak peak scroll no further*

As Ragnar is the central protagonist in Vikings it will be extremely hard to kill him off. Has writer Michael Hirst done the near impossible? Although the sneak peak tells otherwise we thing Ragnar will not be killed off, in fact this could just be Ragnar’s imagination, or it could be simply a dream. History would tell us that this ending for Ragnar is  highly incorrect because [Possible spoilers] he was historically killed in a pit of snakes in England.

Watch the sneak peak for yourself below!



If this sneak peak does mean Ragnar dies what do you think it would mean for his children? Which of his sons would take charge? Leave a comment below!

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