WATCH: Disney’s Highly Anticipated ‘Cars 3’ Teaser – “From This Moment, Everything Will Change”

It looks as if we are going to see Lightning McQueen return to our screen once again in a third installment of the hit Disney movie franchise ‘Cars’.

The dark Cars 3 teaser trailer was released on 12/11/2016 and managed to reach fourth trending worldwide on Twitter. The teaser ended with the release for the movie which will be Summer of 2017. 

The brief  45-second teaser shows the main character of the series, racecar Lightning McQueen, spinning out in the middle of a race, followed by a slow shot of McQueen breaking into a pile of wreckage. The movie’s new tagline appeared at the conclusion of the teaser: “From this moment, everything will change.

 Watch the trailer below!



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