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‘The Missing’ Continues To Impress As It Gets Darker And Shocks Fans + Fan Reaction

‘This show just gets better and better’ was said by many of the shocked fans of the Starz and BBC  drama series ‘The Missing’ last night.


The past two episodes of The Missing have feasted us more answers than the whole series put together – but that does not by any words mean that the case is closed, in fact it’s far from it!

We now finally know what really happened in Iraq with Adrian Stone and Henry Reed but fans are still itching to know wether the case will be solved in next weeks finale, which is set up to be a huge one.


Following the conclusion of the penultimate episode of the second series last night, many fans took to twitter to express their opinions, here are our picks for the best reactions, click on the images in order to enlarge them:



What fans really want to know is… will the case be solved in next weeks series finale? What do you think, leave a comment below!

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