‘Terrible, Boring, Awful’: Fans React To Poor Season 7 Episode 6 Of ‘The Walking Dead’

It seems everybody wants Negan, Lucille and carnage; but what the majority of ‘The Walking Dead’ fans are getting is boring filler episodes, they say.

Following the conclusion of Season 7 Episode 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’ some fans of the show were outraged by  the episode they had witnessed. This must be harsh on the show, actually the episode gave a subtle but intriguing insight into the saviors and who they actually are and even their history.

There is a theory created by critics of the zombie show on why fan favorite characters are getting a limited time on screen, and it’s because actors are only being paid per appearance on the show, so it’s AMC’s way of saving money on the highest paid actors, but obviously this is most likely a stupid rumour made up by fans so don’t take it too seriously.

What did you think of the episode?

Read some of the Tweets below!- Click to enlarge them.


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