The Walking Dead Actor Josh McDermitt Previews ‘Really Exciting’ Midseason Finale

“It’s a really exciting finale, and I can’t wait for people to see it.” : Actor Josh McDermitt previews Sunday nights feature-legnth midseason finale of ‘The Walking Dead’

The 90-minute finale is on it’s way, and this season of AMC’s The Walking Dead has yet to get the ratings of past seasons. But will this episode make up for a poor past few epidodes?

Actor of Eugene on the show, Josh McDermitt believes that it will be a great episode, but not the best time for his already heartbroken character. He told Yahoo TV “This is not a good place for Eugene to be in because he’s left without a plan,” McDermitt says. “I think that a lot of the goals that these characters have are going to be exposed. It’s a really exciting finale, and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

“He’s slowed down Rosita as much as he could with the bullet, but then they get back to Alexandria and see that Negan and the Saviors are there, inside the walls. They probably know that Rick is gone.”

Michael Culditz, Josh McDermitts best friend during his last scene On The Walking Dead (Left)

This season hasn’t just been hard on Eugene, but it’s also been hard for McDermitt to take after seeing two of his close friends being taken out the show in the brutal season premiere. He said, “We couldn’t help but tear up a little bit,” he says, “knowing that we’re losing two of our friends.”

Who, if anyone, do you think will feel the wrath of Lucille in the miseason finale? – Leave a comment below!


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