Read What Critics Said After Seeing ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Below read some fantastic early critic reviews of the hotly anticipated ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’.

Will you be watching it? According to these critics the answer is most definetly YES!

Todd McCarthy @ The Hollywood Reporter
“‘Rogue One’ definitely puts the war back into ‘Star Wars.’ It may call itself rogue, but this first stand-alone feature in the series officially unconnected with any of the previous entries fits comfortably in the universe George Lucas birthed 40 years ago. Loaded with more battle action than any of its seven predecessors, ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ plays like a setup for the events in the 1977 original and, for the most part, does so quite entertainingly.”

Chris Nashawaty @ Entertainment Weekly
“‘Rogue One’ is a ‘Star Wars’ film, yes. And it feels epic. But what it really is at its core (underneath all of the gee-whiz special FX) is a heist flick. This motley band of thieves and scoundrels has to nick some blueprints. It’s ‘Ocean’s 11’ in space. And while the movie sags a bit in the middle (where it gets weighed down with exposition), the third-act heist is white-knuckle stuff. It’s when the movie really goes into hyperdrive. There’s a lot to take in in ‘Rogue One.’ So many new uniforms, and planets, and incidental species crammed into the back of the frame, I’m looking forward to seeing it a second and third time.”

Alonso Duralde @The Wrap
“‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ is for the fans, all right, but in that expression’s worst way. Unless you’re thrilled by the idea of 133 minutes of sideways mentions, shout-outs and straight-up references to the original ‘Star Wars’ (or ‘Episode IV: A New Hope,’ for those born after 1977), there’s not nearly enough excitement going on here, much less character, plot or story. A direct prequel to ‘A New Hope’ — it’s the story of how those blueprints for the Death Star got snuck out and into the hands of the Rebel Alliance — this is less a movie than it is an epic of fan-fiction, laden with ‘Easter eggs’ that super-devotees can congratulate themselves for finding.”



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