Narcos Season 3: News, Release Date And Updates

Fans concerned about if there will be another season of hit series Narcos can now be relieved as sources told that Netflix may have not just renewed the series for one more series, but there is the potential that it has been renewed for two more seasons!

There have been reports of many new characters to be introduced, this could be to add depth to new unusual storylines.

For fans who are asking if there would be another installment for the hit series ‘Narcos’, this is a great news. Sources told that Netflix already renewed the series for another two seasons as it would tackle unusual storylines. Furthermore, there has been series of reports of characters being added in the show. Would the series be wilder and fiercer this time?


According to Inquisitr, the story would move on from another character as the series faces the death of its lead character, Pablo Escobar. The series became widely known when they tackled the journey of Escobar, from his unusual wins in life up to his escape from the prison.

There has been news regarding the release date of the show. But up until now, the official premiere date has never been announced anywhere. Fans are speculating that the first episode of the 3rd season would be released in Fall 2017 because of the early renewal announcement.

Will Narcos be the same without Pable Escobar? – Leave a comment below!

After Pablo Escobar’s death, the show is expected to revolve around the Cali Cartel and the characters who have been the nemeses and the partners of Pablo Escobar.

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