‘Prison Break’ Season 5: All Talking Points; News, Release Date, Trailers, Season 6?

The revival of hit television show ‘Prison Break’ is fast approaching, and fans can’t wait to see their favorite characters back in action after such a long time out.

The season 5 trailer was a huge success. Deadline reports that the recently released trailer for “Prison Break” season 5 has just crossed the 50 million views mark across video and social media platforms YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The brilliant trailer reportedly had gotten more than 42 million organic views upon the first day of its release.

News of a sixth season?

There has yet to be any solid evidence or conclusive details of there being a sixth season. We would say that a sixth season would only occur providing the revival season is a real success. Don’t worry about a season 6 when the new season hasn’t even been aired yet!

Wentworth Miller, the star actor who portrays the protagonist Michael Scofield, said that “there’s always room for more.” “As long as it’s a story that’s worth telling, as long as it feels justified and cool and edgy,” he said about a potential “Prison Break” season 6.

Release date?

The highly anticipated season will arrive APRIL 4TH 2017 on FOX so get ready, because it’s not far away.

Prison Break Season 5 Returns April 4 on FOX

Be sure to watch the two main trailers for the new season below and comment what you think!



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