‘The Walking Dead’ Promises To Tone Down Violent Scenes After Fans Outrage

After the season premier of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, fans were left in shock and disgust following what they had seen.

It was not simply the story killing off two fan-favorites, but it was the manner in which it was done. Now AMC have promised fans that they will tone down the violence for all future episodes to make sure they do not ‘Cross that line’

The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke of the issue the issue claiming that the show is not ‘Torture Porn’ like others out there.

“We were able to look at the feedback on the level of violence,” Hurd said. “We did tone it down for episodes we were still filming for later on in the season.”

“This is not a show that is torture porn,” she said, and reiterated they wanted to make sure “we don’t cross that line.”

Image of Glenn from ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 1
 The ratings for this season of ‘The Walking Dead’ have been the lowest in history, even though the brutal and controversial season premier bought in an enormous amount of viewers.

The Walking Dead fans response to this news was fast. Many view the show as already held back by being on AMC as opposed to a channel like HBO (as despite all the gore, no one can srop the f-bomb), but to tone down the violence as well. HBO is the channel that shown mega-popular fantasy ‘Game Of Thrones’, a show which would never be allowed on AMC.

The scene in question was the deaths on both Glenn and Abraham. The episode was intended to shock, and the show had been building up to ‘Negan’ since the final scene in season 6.

What did you think of the violence? Was it too much or needed?

Image of Abraham from ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 1


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