‘The Walking Dead’ Executive Producer Greg Nicotero Talks Season 7B

In a recent interview will ‘The Walking Dead’ make-up artist and executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke out on the second half of the seventh season of the show, and teased on what we can expect.

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I think we ended the first half of the season seeing Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and our group back together again. I feel like [the 7B premiere] feels like an offshoot of our midseason premiere last year. If you remember, all the walkers invaded Alexandria, and Rick and his group and the Alexandrians all realized that in order to survive, that particular community needed to fight together. That was a small part of the lesson that I think he’s now realizing, which is, it’s not just my small community that needs to work together to survive, it’s every community. So he’s in recruitment mode, he’s in full recruitment mode.


I don’t think Rick would have been this guy if he hadn’t gone through what he went through in Season 6 and now in Season 7. We spend time laying the groundwork for what turns out to be great opportunities for the show to really start accelerating in pace. As we’ve done in a lot of our other seasons, the second half of the season seems to go at a much quicker, more breakneck pace in terms of introducing new characters, in terms of changing things around. So for sure, this second half of the season definitely has a different kind of feel and pace to it. It’s definitely not as gloomy as the first half was.

When asked about the best episodes of season 7B:

Listen, that’s a little bit of a loaded question. I would have to say either Episode 9 [Sunday’s premiere] or the finale. And the finale was just a complete blast to shoot, I had so much fun. And after the grueling mentally and emotionally year we all went through, it ended on such a great positive note on the shoot, I was kind of like, “Wow! How did we do that?”

But this episode, I’m very proud of this episode. All the performances are great, there’s some humor to it. There’s some really funny bits and moments, there’s probably our most ingenious “popcorn popper” moment.

He was also asked about any potential big deaths:

I don’t believe — You know, I haven’t seen the final edits of the final couple episodes, so honestly I can’t say.



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