‘The Walking Dead’ Star Actor Lennie James Defends Negan’s Brutality: “It’s Our Job To P*** Fans Off”

The 51 year-old British actor, who portrays Morgan on the AMC show, has defended the fact that Negan is so unforgiving and brutal in the show; he believes it’s much needed.

After the season premier of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7,some fans were left in shock and disgust following what they had seen, whereas some loved the episode (it is a show about a zombie apocalypse, anyway, those who are squeamish should divert their attention to something else). It was not simply the story killing off two fan-favorites, but it was the manner in which it was done. Negan was the most highly anticipated character from the comics to join the show, with comic-book readers holding in their excitement for the episodes to come. With some fans angry, actor Lennie James spoke of why Negan’s violence is great for the show.


Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7

Lennie spoke with

“Some people thought the first episode was too violent. I thought we needed to remind people of how violent our show is and what are the consequences of violence. Let’s have that discussion, as long as we’re having that discussion we’ve done the right job,” Lennie explained.

“But part of our job is to p*** them off and that has to be in the job that we do as storytellers, as much as it is to make them care, as much as it is to make them scared, as much as it is to excite them, as much as it is to surprise them, it’s also sometimes to anger them and I don’t mind that.” he explained.

“So, if they’re angry now: okay. They might not be tomorrow and that has to be part of our journey and I don’t think – and I’ll say it to anybody – I don’t say it to annoy anybody or to be bolshy to anybody, I don’t think our storytellers should be telling our story solely based on the reaction that our fans have to it.”

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