‘Westworld Actors Ed Harris & Jimmi Simpson Confirm They Weren’t Informed Of Huge Plot Twist

In a recent interview with ‘The Telegraph’, HBO’s Westworld actors Ed Harris and Jimmi Simpson spoke of the game-changing plot twist in the season finale of the western television show.

Ed Harris – The Man in Black: “It wasn’t shocking. It was like, ‘Oh, thanks for telling me,’” he told The Telegraph, before explaining that it would have been “a tad” helpful to know from the start that the stories were related beforehand so he “would have altered something”.The producers most likely didn’t inform him for a much more shocking turn of events.


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Jimmi Simpson – William: “I was like, ‘Why would they change my eyebrows? Why in the world?’ I started thinking the one reason was to make me look like someone else, and then I cycled through the Rolodex of the main players. There’s only one that really fit my look and dialect.”

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