When Will ‘The Walking Dead’ End? AMC Chief Wants ‘Many’ More Seasons

AMC Chief Predicts ‘Many’ more season renewals for ‘The Walking dead’ franchise. In a business sense, is there really a reason why it should stop.


Ever since its season one premiere, ‘The Walking Dead’ has  grew and grew and proved to be one of the biggest television franchises of all time, being AMC’s biggest money-maker; even bigger than their huge hit’Breaking Bad‘.

In an earnings conference call, the AMC Networks CEO, Josh Sapan. stated that the zombie show will have a ‘long life‘. The show still has a ton of ground to cover before it (if ever) reaches the current point that its base material, the comic book of the same name is at.


The Walking Dead: Season 7

Read what Josh Sapan said below.

“The show continues to have creative strength and command a large and loyal audience, which has in turn attracted ad revenue to our great benefit. The Walking Dead remains the no. 1 show on television among younger viewers by a very wide margin. Beyond advertising, The Walking Dead is illustrative of the benefits of owned franchise content.”

He also said:

The Walking Dead is a franchise that will deliver ancillary revenues over different distribution platforms for many years to come as it does today. And we believe it will have a long life that accrues to our strategic position and financial benefit.”

How many seasons do you want to see? Do you think it will go more and more stale the longer it carries on? Leave a comment below!

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  1. This doesn’t exactly fill me with too much hope! I’d want it to wrap up sooner or later but it’s just no nearer at all. Rarely does a show that goes on for this long get better and better and that’s the worry I guess.

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