TV Sequel ’24: Legacy’ Nearing A Confirmed Season 2 Renewal

Actor Jimmy Smiths recently spoke with Yahoo about the possibility for a renewal for the 24 sequel, ’24: Legacy’ in which he mentioned that there were initial ‘conversations’, but noting is yet official.

Fans are loving this show already and really want a season 2. Jimmy Smiths did tease that in the latter episodes the sequel will allude to the next season. Read what he said below:


Actor: Jimmy Smiths

“They haven’t gotten an official pick-up yet to my knowledge. There were conversations that we had, because I had to make some performance choices in the latter episodes. I needed to know, “What are you guys thinking about where we’re going?” Especially in the last episodes of the season… the whole thing about what you would do to get to the truth, but with much more of a sense of resolve. As the episodes go on, there’s much more of an interaction between Corey’s character and my character. So, yeah, I had to make some decisions. We did have to allude to next season. There were a lot of little surprises that I had to be fluid with.”

How much would you like to see a new season? Leave a comment below.

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