‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: News, Release Date, Video Promo And Cast Teasers

Yesterday, the ‘Game Of Thrones season 7 release date was announced after what can only be described as an odd way for HBO to announce it. Below you can read what happened as well as news and some cast interviews from various sources.

HBO really did take ‘Ice and Fire’ to another level with the season 7 premiere announcement. Some fans loved it and some hated it. We had to wait for just over an hour on an unstable Facebook live stream watching a gigantic chunk of ice melt from two flamethrowers. It worked in an interactive way so that when fans typed ‘FIRE’ and ‘DRACARYS’ in the chat it would fuel the flamethrowers and help the ice melt faster. Below see some images of the live-stream:


After the whole hour of waiting we were given the official release date of the penultimate season, which is 16th July 2017. We also had the first dialogue of season 7 revealed to us, courtesy of Jon Snow: “There is only one war that matters. The Great War. And it is here.

Read what cast members have said so far:

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Watch the teaser trailer below!


gotrelease (1)

Game Of Thrones Returns 16TH JULY 2017

Did you watch the Facebook LIVE Stream? What did you think of it? How much are you looking forward to season 7? Leave a comment below!

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