‘Vikings’ Actor Clive Standen Talks ‘Explosive’ Rollo Return In Season 5

In ‘Vikings’ Rollo is considered one of the main characters though his storyline has somewhat halted with him only appearing in 2 of the 10 episodes in season 4B. Clive Standen, the actor who portrays Rollo recently spoke of his characters ‘explosive’ return to the screen.

There is no doubt that the return of Rollo will mean a lot to fans as he is a favorite character. There was some concern if he would appear in it again after actor Clive Standen was granted his own show on NBC ‘Taken’.

Read what he said below:

“Nearly every season, [writer] Michael Hirst has allowed me to reinvent this man, and Season 5 is no different, I think when he comes back, all bets are off … You’ll see a very different Rollo.”

Standen also teased at a huge return for Rollo  “It’s going to be explosive, but not in the ways that you’d expect.”


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What do you think we will see of Rollo in season 5? Leave a comment below!

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