‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Talks Season 8 And Losses

With AMC’s hit show ‘The Walking Dead’ taking a hit with ratings for season 7, showrunner Scott Gimple will hope season 8 can exceed expectations. He recently spoke of what we can expect from Rick in the new season.

Gimple mentioned that in the next season, with Negan declaring war, Rick will be prepared to have anyone die, including himself, if it meant to take down Negan. In season 7, Rick quoted ‘We can lose our friends, people we love. It’s not about us anymore, it’s about a future”.

In an interview with TV Line, Gimple said:

“[Rick] will suffer any loss, even his own self to give his people and other people the life that they should live, where the world belongs to all of them and not just one person. A real life. That’s the only choice. So he’s willing to face the losses”

He also added:


“It isn’t that he’s willing to shake them off if they were to occur, or immediately rationalise them away. But he understands the enormity of what they are doing and the enormity of the possible cost.

The cast will start shooting season 8 soon, and with that there is always teasers. Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased Negan’s death as well as fan favorite Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus.

Who’s Story Do You Think Will Come To An End In Season 8? Leave A Comment Below!

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