‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Promises ‘Action-Packed’ Season 8

Denise Huth, a producer for season 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’ had teased that the upcoming season of the huge AMC show will be ‘Dramatically Different’ than season 7.

This will come as a relief to fans of the show as season 7 proved as be a big disappointment to some due to boring ‘filler’ episodes. In fact, since the season 7 premiere which pulled in a huge amount of viewers, since then the viewership reached a record-low. The biggest low in terms of ratings came in the form of season 7 episode 6 titled ‘Swear’.

We have already heard some positive things regarding season 8 with Chandler Riggs tweeting the script as ‘So Good’. 


Read what producer Denise Huth said about the upcoming season below, speaking with

“Oh, gosh, it’s like night and day compared to how we had to start last year, they all came back so super excited and it’s a big year. These episodes are coming in huge. It’s a lot of work. It’s just as hard as it’s ever been, if not harder. There’s just a sense of excitement because the characters aren’t in that dark, down place. It was really hard last year. It was hard for the cast, it was hard for the crew, it was hard for all of us. It was a really essential part of the story, and I think we needed to go through that pain to have what we’re doing now be so satisfying. If everything we are doing now had happened in the third or fourth episode last year, it would still be cool, but it wouldn’t have the impact now because we’ve all had to trudge through the mud to get here. So it’s great.”

She continued,

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“It’s a ton of action, It’s super exciting. I think it will be really, really satisfying. As a fan of the show — and I am a fan of the show — when I read it, it was like ‘Awww, I can’t wait! It’s going to be great!’ It’s worth the worth the wait to get to this moment.”

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