‘Taboo’ Creator Talks Season 2 And The Success Of The Show

Earlier this year BBC confirmed that we will be seeing a season 2 of the dark show ‘Taboo’ featuring Tom Hardy. Creator Steven Knight recently spoke of the success of the first season and when we will be viewing season 2.

The BBC/FX show proved to be such a success that it will return for a season 2, and a 3rd season has not yet been ruled out. The second season is set to hit screens early 2018.

Regarding when we can expect season 2, writer Steven Knight said:

“I’m just doing it now. I’m trying to write it as quickly as I can”.

 “I would say we would hope to be shooting it—I don’t know whether this is supposed to be secret or not—early next year.”

Tom Hardy in ‘Taboo’

Knight claimed he loved the response to the show from  such a wide audience:

“I didn’t know the BBC were going to put it out at nine o clock on Saturday night and I thought ‘oh my God! Have they seen it?’ [laughs] because it’s so out there and it’s very dark, but the response was amazing. I’m really… it gives me faith in human nature because people have responded so well to it. And it’s not just an intellectual audience, it’s all sorts of people who really like it.

What I wanted it to feel like in terms of dialogue and the world, was that it would be a little bit dream-like and a little bit hypnotic if possible, so people don’t quite know why they’re drawn to it. And we were helped in that by these brilliant directors and also having Tom [Hardy] who is that sort of hypnotic presence anyway, no matter what he does.”

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