‘Vikings’ Actor Travis Fimmel Talks The Sad And Brutal Ending To His Character Ragnar Lothbrok

In an interview with GoldDerby, ‘Vikings’ actor Travis Fimmel who played Ragnar Lothbrok on the show spoke of his character and more.

In the interview, Travis touches on his characters death scene, his favorite on-set moments, the challenges of the production and praises the cast and crew.

Best bits of the interview:

“I think my character had run its course,”

“he just wanted a legacy, he wanted his children to be proud of him. He did a lot of brutal things. But he always thought that he was doing the right thing for the better of his people and family. He definitely made a lot of bad choices along the way.”

“Originally I was only in the show for the first season. I was very lucky to end up being on four. My character had done what he wanted in life and he also had many failings. But it felt like the perfect arc and the perfect time to go.”



Image from Travis Fimmel in his last episode as Ragnar ‘All His Angels’

Watch the interview below:



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