New ‘Vikings’ Season 5 Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks His Time As Bishop Heahmund

‘Vikings’ is expected to return for its 5th season later this year. Season 5 will have 20 episodes and will be split into 2 parts. In the season 4 finale we caught a glimpse of a new villain, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, he recently teased his role in the show.

At the moment, we have only seen a very cryptic 1 minute 30 of the new character at the very end of the season 4 finale. Watch it below:


Meyers has already worked with ‘Vikings’ writer Michael Hirst in ‘The Tudors’, where he played fan-favorite Henry VIII.

When asked about his experience on the set so far, he said:

It’s very tough, Vikings is a very tough shoot. It looks so realistic and if you think that somebody is cold, if you thing somebody is hurt, if you think somebody is bruised up, it’s because they are.

He also claimed that he had never seen an episode on ‘Vikings’ before taking on the role, and he still hasn’t. He felt as if he had seen them before, he would understand the vikings’ stories and make it harder for his to act.

Speaking of his co-stars, he said:

“I really had a great time working with Kathryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig. They’re very, very good and very, very committed people.”

Teasing his character, he said:

“He’s got a particular reason for being there. It’s not a stunt. He’s not a gratuitous cast member, there just to keep you entertained. There’s a reason he’s there, and it’s a very particular reason.”

Vikings has already wrapped up its filming for season 5, and the show will release later this year.

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