‘Westworld’ Showrunner Shares His Plans For The Future Of The HBO Show

In a recent interview, the showrunner of hit HBO series ‘Westworld’ shared his plans for the future of the show.

Westworld gained huge praise for its premiere season, which was given a $100 million budget by HBO. In fact, the show used a quarter of its whole budget for the first episode.  In showrunner Jonathan Nolan’s plan for the future of the show he said that he wants to ‘dramatically’ raise the stakes and delve deeper into the world, revealing further secrets.

Read what showrunner Jonathan Nolan said below:

“It’s an ambitious season. We always knew that we wanted the stakes and the scope to increase dramatically and that means the scale of production increases as well. We have an amazingly talented group of writers, directors, and crew coming back and gearing up for what I think and what I hope will prove to be a season twice as ambitious as the first one.

The one question fans should be asking? “What’s really happening in this place. We’ve hinted at that a little bit in the first season and we’re going to go a little deeper with that in the second season.”


Anthony Hopkins in ‘Westworld’

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The drama is also searching for a renewal for season 3 of a proposed 5-season plan. We can’t see it not being renewed, but with some incredible cancellations being made recently (Sense8, The Get Down & loads more), you can’t be sure. Keep us bookmarked and keep checking back for the future of ‘Westworld’.

This interview was conducted by: Variety’s Remote Controlled podcast

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