‘The Walking Dead’ Actress Pollyanna McIntosh Talks Her Villainous Character ‘Jadis’ On The Show

Pollyanna made her debut in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ in the second half of season 7. Her character Jadis, leader of the Scavengers, quickly established herself as an antagonist after betraying Rick and his group of survivors in the season 7 finale.

In the interview with CinemaBlend.com Pollyanna spoke of the leadership skills and personal qualities of her character Jadis as well as what makes her the best leader.

Read what she said below:

“She’s a great adapter. I think that’s her real strength. I think that’s why she’s in the position she’s in. She’s a real adapter to what’s happening. She’s got a great presence of mind, and she can judge and take in a lot of different information at the same time, and make decisions that somebody else might not have the guts to make…She’s a great leader as well, and people trust her. She’s gained a strong following within her group, and she’s proved herself time and time again.”

While 3 main characters will be missing from a lot of season 8, three more have gained a promotion to series regulars. Pollyanna McIntosh is one of the three actors who we’ll be seeing an awful lot more of next season. Are you happy about this? Find out who the two others promoted to regulars are as well as the three who will be missing from season 8 are here.


In another interview with ComicBook.com she would not say anything regarding the future of her enigmatic character in the show. When asked whether the leadership skills will take her to the leader of the Whisperers from Robert Kirkman’s comics, she said:

“I can say I think anything is possible in this universe we’re inhabiting right now and that’s one of the really strong points of the show because I’m not gonna tell you anything!”

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‘The Walking Dead’ returns later this year on AMC


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