New Netflix Series ‘GLOW’ Could Have A Big Future Suggests Actress Alison Brie. Seasons 2,3,4?

Netflix’s brand new series ‘GLOW’ could have a big future ahead.

The show’s co-creator Carly Mensch stated that there is no fixed season plan, meaning that the show could be cancelled at any time, but with the success of the debut season we could see not just a season 2 renewal but possibly as much as five seasons. GLOW is inspired by another series which lasted between 1986 and 1990 and lasted four seasons. Netflix will try to make GLOW follow in the footsteps of ‘Orange Is The New Black’, which could be ending following its seventh season. 

The shows star actress, Alison Brie recently said that the show has a ‘long journey ahead’ before it finishes. Hopefully this is true given some of the incredible cancellations we’ve had  recently.

She said:

“You see how rich this show is, just full of different characters, and you can mine those characters for years. The real GLOW was a slight revolving door in terms of some women being on the show for years and years, and other new characters coming in. There’s a lot of possibilities for longevity.”

I think that our characters have a long journey ahead of them to even get close to a place that they were at before and that’s kind of exciting to me too, that we don’t make anything too easy.”

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G.L.O.W is now available to stream on Netflix.


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