‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunner Teases Season 7 Sea Battle Bigger Than Blackwater

With the show’s return only days away, showrunner David Benioff has teased a ‘magnificent’ sea battle that will take place.

‘Game Of Thrones’ has already raised the bar for battle sequences, creating some of the best and most memorable in TV history, you’d be hard-pressed to find shows that are close to GoT. We can expect many huge battles in season 7 and recently the showrunner David Benioff teased one of them, he spoke of a huge sea battle which will dwarf season two’s battle of Blackwater, where Tyrion Lannister blew up Stannis’ fleet with Wildfire.

Benioff told TV Insider:

“There’s a massive sea battle that will sail past season two’s Blackwater in scope,”

He continued:

“Everyone is facing something more dangerous to all of them than any danger they are to each other.”

He speaks of ‘Something more dangerous’, could he be talking about the White Walkers. A battle at sea against the Night King would be incredible. They are a common enemy to everyone. What do you think he is teasing when he says this? 

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game of thrones battle of blackwater

Image from the Battle of Blackwater Bay in ‘Game Of Thrones season 2

In other GoT News, we recently learned that actress Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) won’t return to Westeros for any of the spin-off shows. We also know the names of the first 3 episodes and their length:

  • Episode 1: Dragonstone (59 Minutes)
  • Episode 2: Stormborn (59 Minutes)
  • Episode 3: A Queen’s Justice (63 Minutes)

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