‘Vikings’ Actor Alex Høgh Andersen Talks ‘Angry’ And ‘Violent’ Ivar The Boneless In Season 5

Alex Høgh Andersen joined the cast of ‘Vikings’ as a regular in the second half of season 4 and has proved to be a new fan-favorite as Ivar The Boneless.

Ivar wasn’t short of evil and controversial moments in season 4B.  We saw his genius mind for strategy in directing the attack on Wessex. However, we saw him brutally murder his brother Sigurd snake-in-the-eye with an axe to the heart in a rage.

In a recent interview with,  Alex Høgh Andersen teased what we can expect of his character in the new season as well as the root of his evil.  He said:

“Every single thing he does is a compensation for his disease, and him struggling all the time to prove himself,”

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Ivar The Bonless – Played by Alex Høgh Andersen in ‘Vikings’

 “He is struggling with being crippled and not being the picture of someone who could lead an entire army [and] the fact that they won’t see his brilliant mind.”

Speaking specifically of what we could see from Ivar in season 5 and beyond, he said:

“Determined, still angry, violent, but also in love. He’s completely out of touch with reality and his emotions.”

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While your here, why don’t you see Ivar in action in the season 5 promo!


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