Actor Iwan Rheon Talks Upcoming Marvel Series ‘Inhumans’

Iwan Rheon will play supervillain Maximus on ‘Inhumans’, it won’t be the first time he’s portrayed a villain.

‘Inhumans’ will be releasing in September, and we have a lot to be excited for. One actor who we’ll see back on the screen is Iwan Rheon, best known for playing the brutal Ramsay Bolton on HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’, an incredible casting for Maximus on Marvel Studio’s point of view, for sure.

Asked about his role, and getting into his character. Whether he just learns about his role from the scrips or reads from the source material, he said:

“Yeah. It’s kind of a combination of that. With this, I did some sort of research into the Inhumans world and to try to gauge what it is all about and what it is, but I think then that I work predominantly off the script. But, as I’ve been doing it, then I’ve been sort of reading some of the graphic novels and some of the literature that is out there about it, which has helped in certain ways. But it does feel very different to the story that we’ve started telling here. And I don’t know in terms of the storyline whether this is something that’s happened before with Inhumans. I’m not really sure. So, yeah.”


Iwan Rheon

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This interview was conducted by ScreenRant

While your here, why don’t you watch the trailer and see Iwan Rheon in action?


‘Inhumans’ releases in cinemas September 1st 2017

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