See The Brand New ‘Vikings’ Season 5 Images Here: One Of Which Teases A Whole New Adventure

We’ve recently been given 3 new images from the new season of ‘Vikings’. One of which shows a whole new adventure to the desert with Bjorn.

The images, provided by Entertainment Weekly give us an insight into the new season, specifically a new adventure for Bjorn, who seemingly makes his way to the desert, that definitely makes for a potentially huge story.

Weeks ago, the show’s executive producer, Morgan O’Sullivan, teased that we would see camels, he also said that ‘Vikings’ has raised the bar ‘tremendously’ in season 5 and that they will be revealing new territories. He said:

“Our ambition, as you know there have been Viking artefacts found in North America and we’d like to end up or get to North America so that’s a couple of seasons,”

It doesn’t look like ‘Vikings’ will be ending anytime soon, that’s for sure. Recent news suggested that the end could be in sight. However, that is not looking likely with the EP saying what he just said above. Let’s hope so.

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View the new images below, including the exciting one featuring Bjorn riding a camel in the desert.


We also got this shot of Jonathan Rhys Meyers mid-battle as Bishop Heahmund.



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