Doctor Who: Who Could The Next Doctor Be? Director Rachael Talalay Reveals She Has ‘No Knowledge’ Of New Doctor

The rumors are in full force as we approach an announcement of the next Doctor. Who could it be?

In a recent Tweet, the BBC show’s director Rachael Talalay revealed that she still has ‘no knowledge’ of the thirteenth Doctor who will replace Peter Capaldi.

It is possible that Talalay is keeping her cards incredibly close to her chest. The past of Doctor Who and the regeneration’s have proved to be filmed months apart. The regeneration between Doctor’s Chris Eccleston and David Tennant were filmed months apart from each other. So it is possible for her to have no clue who it is at all. It would be awesome for her to find out the same time as us.

The official announcement will be made following the Wimbledon final on BBC1 on July 16th, per Tweet below. Not long to go now!

The show’s new showrunner, Russell T. Davies, DOES know who it is. In an interview with Guys Like U  he was happy to confirm he knows who the new Doctor is.

He said:

“I do know who it is.”

“every time you pass comment on Doctor Who, they go mad… they literally phone me up and say ‘can you stop talking about the program Russ.'”

So who could it be + odds?

We’re not going into detail as you have most likely read these names a million times. We’ve compiled a list of who we believe to be the most possible candidates for the role, see below (No particular order):

  • Kris Marshall: 20/21
  • Paterson Joseph: 19/10
  • Alexander Vlahos: 7/2
  • Luke Treadaway: 7/2
  • David Harewood: 7/2
  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge: 7/2
  • Mathew Baynton: 21/5
  • Jodie Whittaker: 22/5

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