‘The Big Bang Theory’ Can Go On For 20 Years, Says CBS President

'The Big Bang Theory' is up in arms at the moment, with multiple sources saying it's coming to an end. But it won't be going without a fight.

'The Big Bang Theory' could easily end after its 12th season, according to its co-creator Chuck Lorre. However, CBS believe otherwise, with president Kelly Kahl believing that the comedy-drama could last for 20 years, if it wanted to. Likely? Probably not. However, this means that despite the shows creator saying that it may not survive to see season 13, CBS will do all they can to make it continue for as long as possible. After all, it is a hugely popular and money-churning show.

Speaking on ending the show, suggesting that it may have run its course, read what co-creator Chuck Lorre said below:

“We never really figured to be at year 11, let alone what’s going to happen after 12. One could easily presume that would be the end of the series but I’m just amazed we’re here.”

Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment was more open minded in saying that there's no reason why it can't last longer, it's what the network want, read what she said below:

“As long as we can go; 20 years. I hope to have it as long as we can.”

Let's hope CBS can convince the cast and crew to more renewals, it could go either way at the moment. Remember to follow DragonFeed to stay updated on the status of this show.

No matter what happens, we can all look forward to season 11, which releases September 25th. After that there will be season 12 which is slated to arrive fall 2018. Will we get a season in 2019?

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