The Middle Cancelled By ABC, But Will Have Fantastic Ending

The Heck family won’t be returning for a tenth season unfortunately as we’ve recently gained insight that ABC believe that the show has run its course.

We’ll have season 9 to look forward to later this year though, where we will see Axl on his adventures in Europe as well as much more exciting story-lines that will be in store for us.

A cancellation is not completely unexpected but is something we’ve anticipated for a while. Like many ‘family’ dramas, it can be hard to capture the same feel in the latter seasons as characters grow up. ‘The Middle’ has done extremely well to survive this long, and really has done a fantastic job of moving forward with the characters progressions.

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In a recent interview with EW, Executive producer DeAnn Heline stated that there has been an ending story-line she has had in the works for a while now, and that fans will love it. She said:

“We started having an idea a couple of years ago and honed it more in the last year. It will be true to our show. It’s an end that fans will like.”

After season 9, you shouldn’t completely forget about more episodes, a new season would be very much doubtful, but ABC could easily reboot the show for ‘Specials’ throughout the year. We’ve seen this done recently with similar British sitcom ‘Outnumbered’, which returned for a Christmas special. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to one of our favorite families that have gave us so many great memories over the years, lets hope for an awesome final season!

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  1. The show should include the Colts coming to the house since Mike is a Colts fan. Too sad that the show is ending.

  2. It is my favorite show on TV and It upsets me that it is being canceled……it is a good family show and you can watch it with your children and not have to worry about what they are watching. Soon there will not be any TV shows you can watch with your children but reruns.

    • Yeah I will be very upset when it ends… we’ve still got one more season though!!! What makes the Middle so great is just like you said, it’s light-hearted, easy to watch and funny. Thanks for your comment and be sure to stay in touch because we’ll 100% be staying up-to-date with all the Middle news 🙂

  3. I love The Middle! It is so funny and easy to relate to, but my favorite part is how they treat Brick’s special needs. He is in a special class at school and has obvious symptoms of some kind of disorder, but no one acts like it’s a big deal. It comes up in conversation, but it’s never seen as a burden. It’s just part of who he is, like Axel being a pretty boy. As a mom of an autistic child, I feel like it is a much better representation that Parenthood where they constantly talk about how sad it is. The actor also has brittle bone disease and they didn’t add it to the show or try to exploit it.

    • It’s such a good show. I watch it every day before work. I agree, Brick’s whooping and whispering is the best! I also enjoy the scenes shared between Axl & Sue – I can relate to them! Thanks for commenting!

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