‘Sense8’ Creator Was Against 2-Hour Finale – But Fans Changed her Mind

We had our voice in a petition, and it seems the fans won over Sense8 co-creator Lana Wachowski who initially wasn’t aboard for the much-wanted 2-hour finale.

In a recent interview with Netflix chief Ted Sarandos, he claimed that when Netflix had its doors open for a finale, Lana wasn’t too keen on the idea but eventually the fans managed to change her mind, specifically with a petition that had a total reach of over half a million votes, to be precise, 524,726.

Speaking on the fan’s influence on Lana, Ted Sarandos told Variety:

 “The fan influence on her was very helpful, her desire to have an ending increased a lot.”

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In terms of viewing figures, Sense8 did not have enough to merit a whole new season, but Netflix were able to see profit in the 2-hour finale which will air next year exclusively on the streaming service. How thankful are you that we managed to convince Lana into creating the finale? It really does show the strength of the fans, and how Netflix is willing to listen. After they cancelled ‘Gypsy’ there was another fan outcry and another petition has been launched, will they renew it?

The main reason for Netflix’s recent cancellations is that recent reports (Fader, LA Times) suggest that the company could be sitting on more than $20 Billion of debt. However, it’s not all bad with recent weeks bringing us the news that they have renewed their biggest show ‘Stranger Things’ for a third season, prior to season 2 even airing!

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